Thursday, 10 March 2011

Great Poem!

Someone rather better than me at writing poetry came up with this. I love it! The objectification of women is subject I could go on about all day! Hope you enjoy this:

Lad's magazines: Advice to a daughter

Lad’s magazines are the curse of the nation
Because they promote your objectification.

Some see these comics as sex education
But they are notorious for misinformation.

Maxim has said that girls want it rough
You may disagree, but darling that’s tough.

Zoo wants its readers (those wonderful men)
To look at your breasts and give marks out of ten.

Men say it’s not porn - do they think we are silly?
A man who buys these wants to play with his willy.

Lads may end up with ideas quite perverted
So you'd better make sure your needs are asserted.

Internet porn always gives him a thrill
So tell him at once if it makes you feel ill.

In lapdancing clubs there’s a lot to discover
So make sure the facts are known to his mother.

Getting a boob job, he thinks, is your duty
But you should rejoice in your natural beauty.

Stockings are one of his favourite sights
Too bad for him that you always wear tights

He’s got this idea you should shave down below
But that is the time you should tell him to go.

Your lad has a plan but you know that he’s wrong
And telling him so will make you feel strong.

By "David51" on Mumsnet!

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