Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Yes, Rip Van Lilka is still here...

and tired....!

It is officially half term. This is not a particularly good thing. It involves me not getting a second lie in if I need it. It involves the kids losing the structure the school routine gives them. It means I am on supervision duty the whole day! And believe me, LM needs supervision! He is so hyper when he gets excited!

So I have been planning ahead...we are doing this then and that afterwards. It is on the calendar, it's on the picture timetable on the wall (becuase let's face it, when you're a hyperactive 6 year old boy, actually reading words takes too long!)

We spent today mostly at home, bit of supermarket early on, but it was over quick! I'd love to go for some online shopping, but they never get the order right! You buy a mushroom stir fry, they bring round pasta! You order one size of clothing, you get a diferent size. So much easier to get it yourself (at least, it is when the kids aren't with you!)

Planning to go to the cinema on Friday. I have decided to go for Tangled. I did have a think about it beforehand because it does have some strong loss and reunion themes in it. Rapunzel gets kidnapped from her real parents by wicked witch Gothel...who raises Rapunzel to call her 'mother'. So you've got girl stolen from real parents, kept away from them by her fake witch mother (who has her song 'mother knows best')
and then she escapes with Flynn from her tower, and it ends with her happily reunited with her real mum and dad who love and miss her dearly and they live happily ever after... (i think). I did read a couple of adoptee blogs and biological mothers blogs and they thought the loss and reunion emotions were dealt with really well...that they had the feelings spot on.

So you see why I had a think about this one! It'sone of the things you don't think about before themes seems trivial before, but it isn't afterwards! However, I know my kids, and I think they are going to be fine with it. GG loves animated Disney..though she pretends to be too old! So does LM. I think I can handle any questions about it as they come up. It is very different to their own stories...they weren't stolen from the King and Queen amazing parents (though their first mum dearly loves them and is sorting her life out, which is fantastic!). Anyway, we'll see how it goes...

The reason I haven't been around much is mainly being so busy! December through March is such a busy season for Birthdays (all of theirs plus mine), adoption anniversary's, Christmas and Feb half term! Therefore i am officially Rip Van Lilka until further notice (probably May). Since coming up is March birthdays/anniversary's, Easter holidays, then another 4 day weekend courtesy of a Royal Wedding on the Friday and  Monday is May Day. I will be exhausted when this is over!! But I will try keep this updated, I promise.

ps. Gem's reunion as far as I can tell is going well, although Jewel's parents still don't know. She feels slightly more relaxed she tells me, and they have met up more. Fingers crossed it keeps going well xx

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