Saturday, 8 January 2011

Getting better...

Well, it's gotten better, not worse, thank goodness!

On the 6th she woke up and she wanted to be close to me all day, and needed more reassurance than normal. She also got clingy when we reached school. Luckily her teacher came out to help get her in. In the afternoon I took them both for a bike ride and then did homework, after which we ate a special dinner of Veggie Pizza (GG's favourite) and garlic dough balls, followed by Ben and Jerry's ccookie dough ice cream (my favourite ice cream ever as well as GG's) So both of them went to bed pretty happy and relaxed.

GG had therapy yesterday, which I think went well. She is still talking about Laddie, but at the same time, I think she has gone off him a bit. I wonder if this is more of a ten year old type crush which lasts a week, rather than a teen crush which lasts ages? Especially since emotionally, she is about 9 or 10. Either way, I'm relieved, but of course there will be a next time, as much as I don't want to think about that (understatement of the year!), and all the issues are still there...

On a bright (but also scary!) note, MY GEM IS 25 TOMORROW!! I can't believe it! In August, we will hit 15 years together, and no way does it seem that long!

She phoned me this morning very excited to confirm when her and her DH will be over tomorrow, but she also said there is 'A surprise!' I pushed a bit, but no more information was forthcoming. Is she Pregnant??!! Any other ideas? I kinda hope not, because then if I get pregnant later this month, my grandchild will be older than my final child. Plus I won't be able to be around to support them as much as I would like. But still.. being a Grandma...the idea makes me happy :)

We'll see... by this time tomorrow i'll know....

The kids and I spent today doing fun stuff! I made a timetable of things which helps both of them. After breakfast we had another bike ride and took lots of photos for the albums (we have quite a few big albums full to the brim with photos!). Then LM wanted to go back to his train set, with which he is obsessed, and GG and I decided to make things. She is very very crafty, good at making just about anything. She wants to be a clothes designer when she's older, but today we started on a mosaic instead. I love them, although it is a lot of work.. all the pieces are very small, and going wrong is a bit of a disaster. But we have done quite a bit today. Then we made lunch... Hot baguette and butter, and I had smoked salmon as well.

We have just finished doing more of the mosaic, and GG is watching TV. LM is now doing lego, and I'm relaxing in front of the computer.. ah, bliss!

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