Friday, 14 January 2011

The lovely month of January...


I know January is always hard for GG, but this particular one is definitely worse than the last! I think this year teenager-hood has actually hit...the combination of a sudden hormone rush, her first real crush (although it is waning a bit now) plus her usual January woes (anniversary of removal from her first mum, so she's anxious) is making living with her a lot harder than usual. And Little Man is of course copying her just because.

An update with Gem - she and Jewel apparently spent ages going through their photo albums and doing as much catching as possible. Jewel only stayed one night with Gem, and then went home late on Gem's birthday night, but Gem tells me they are going to be meeting up again soon, and Jewel will be able to meet Topaz for the first time. I have a lot of photos from Gem's birthday, and I am so happy that Gem will finally have more than two photos of her little sister. Yep that was it - both little baby photos the SW got for us, nothing beyond that. Now she has nearing 100 more from her birthday alone, and Jewel has given her some more photos - at least one from every year of her life, but some years have about 30, others only about 3. So over 300 all together! I think she might be a bit overwhelmed...she want to come round here later tonight. A sure sign she feels a bit wobbly. Her DH works late nights so won't be there

Will update more later... the dinner burning calls...DOH!

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