Sunday, 2 January 2011


Several things happened today

GG has discovered boys, meaning that a boy from the next road over has caught her fancy. She has spent quite a bit of today doodling his and her names together in love hearts. She insists that she 'loves' him. Whilst I am sure she loves him as a friend, I cannot make her understand the difference between love and a crush. She plans to ask him out when they go back to school. I'm happy for her, but worried about her at the same time. Natural I guess, but she is quite emotionally behind her actual age, and she hasn't quite worked out the rules of relationships yet. She doesn't really know how to relate with boys. So i'll be watching her closely, but she also has to make her own mistakes. Which isn't a fun thought.

Someone I know also expressed their not very welcome thoughts on our contact with X, who is GG and LM's first mother. Whilst in reality the contact we have is personal, some people are under the impression that it is public for discussion. This person basically said 'oh why would you write long nice letters, why would you keep in contact with her, she doesn't care, she isn't a 'real' mother, why would you even want your children to love her, there's a reason they don't live with her' blah blah blah. I just love how people who know nothing think they know everything!

So here's the truth. She is a real mother, she loves them and GG certainly loves her! Why should I object to that? I am not an insecure person in general. We are not in competition. As I say, we don't compete against each other, we complement each other! We have different roles, important to our children in different ways. And what arrogance and stupidity to say that our children should not love her! Love is perhaps the greatest thing in the world - the more people love you, the better off you are. I want the best for my children, therefore I want them to be loved, and I want them to love both themselves and others. Lack of love is a terrible thing. Rant over.

On a brighter note, the grey-hair-hiding dye has worked! I have had several compliments today, and i'm feeling good!

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